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Friday, Jun. 11, [email protected]:34 p.m.The Truth Will Arise!
Saturday, Apr. 06, [email protected]:03 p.m.While Soaking in Lavendar...
Monday, Feb. 04, [email protected]:53 p.m.He Reminded Me of An Incident Years Ago
Sunday, Feb. 03, [email protected]:58 a.m.My Rose-Coloured Glasses are Smashed & I Don’t Want Them Anymore
Saturday, Feb. 02, [email protected]:23 p.m.It’s Been Awhile
Thursday, Nov. 27, [email protected]:08 p.m.I Never Needed You.
Tuesday, Nov. 04, [email protected]:21 p.m.Forever Angry, Forever Bitter
Wednesday, Oct. 29, [email protected]:26 a.m.Too Sensitive?
Friday, Sept. 05, [email protected]:30 p.m.Ramblings, #2090909
Tuesday, Aug. 19, [email protected]:41 p.m.Unemployment Blues
Sunday, Aug. 03, [email protected]:47 p.m.Sucks To Be Unemployed
Thursday, Jun. 26, [email protected]:11 p.m.Letter from What's His Name
Monday, May. 12, [email protected]:03 p.m.Long Time Ramblings of Stuff. Yeah, Stuff.
Thursday, Feb. 27, [email protected]:27 p.m.To The Neighbour Who Raped Me
Tuesday, Nov. 05, [email protected]:03 p.m.It's Been a Long-Ass Time!
Saturday, Jun. 02, [email protected]:27 a.m.Glad I Did It!
Thursday, May. 31, [email protected]:03 p.m."She's Out of My Life" Michael Jackson
Thursday, May. 24, [email protected]:10 p.m.Not Feeling It Anymore.
Friday, Apr. 13, [email protected]:34 a.m.Damn, She's Fine!
Saturday, Sept. 10, [email protected]:33 a.m.Super Poked?
Thursday, Jul. 14, [email protected]:43 a.m.Dear TJ Dawe
Tuesday, May. 24, [email protected]:57 p.m.Brain Droppings: Evening Papers.
Saturday, May. 21, [email protected]:37 a.m.Seemingly Solved.
Saturday, Mar. 26, [email protected]:32 p.m.Acting Is Harder Than It Looks
Monday, Mar. 14, [email protected]:24 a.m.Forty-Three in Twenty-Four Hours
Sunday, Mar. 06, [email protected]:16 p.m.Analysing My Characters
Tuesday, Mar. 01, [email protected]:30 p.m.Good-Bye, Straight Woman
Friday, Jan. 28, [email protected]:20 p.m.Unsent Letter #8
Thursday, Dec. 09, [email protected]:01 a.m.No More Signing
Thursday, Dec. 09, [email protected]:25 a.m.Gloomy & Heart-Broken
Friday, Nov. 26, [email protected]:04 p.m.Good-Bye, Daddy
Tuesday, Jul. 06, [email protected]:07 a.m.Unsent Letter #7
Tuesday, Jul. 06, [email protected]:53 a.m.Unsent Letter #6
Tuesday, Jul. 06, [email protected]:51 a.m.Unsent Letter #5
Tuesday, Jul. 06, [email protected]:39 a.m.Unsent Letter #4
Tuesday, Jul. 06, [email protected]:34 a.m.Unsent Letter #3
Tuesday, Jul. 06, [email protected]:29 a.m.Unsent Letter #2
Monday, Jul. 05, [email protected]:07 p.m.My Unsent Letter #1
Monday, Jun. 21, [email protected]:32 a.m.Crushes are Dangerous
Thursday, Mar. 18, [email protected]:55 a.m.I Feel Empty From the Lack of It.
Friday, Mar. 12, [email protected]:55 p.m.I Am Deceitful
Monday, Mar. 01, [email protected]:47 a.m.The Power of Love
Monday, Mar. 01, [email protected]:14 a.m.I Know What I Am
Thursday, Jan. 21, [email protected]:52 a.m.To My Frienemies
Wednesday, Jan. 13, [email protected]:07 a.m.What's My Baby's Name & Who's His Daddy?
Saturday, Jan. 09, [email protected]:25 a.m.Pandora's Aquarium.
Monday, Dec. 28, [email protected]:31 p.m.Ignorant Bliss
Monday, Dec. 21, [email protected]:38 p.m."Telephone" by Shelby Lynne
Monday, Sept. 07, [email protected]:57 a.m.Disturbed
Wednesday, Aug. 05, [email protected]:38 p.m.No Guarantees
Sunday, Jul. 05, [email protected]:18 p.m.Unborn
Sunday, May. 10, [email protected]:21 p.m.Updated.
February 13th, [email protected]:04pmI miss my real computer.
Tuesday, Jan. 20, [email protected]:22 p.m.I Hate Them Both.
Friday, Jan. 09, [email protected]:30 p.m.Could've Been Great Sex But Wasn't.
Wednesday, Jan. 07, [email protected]:10 a.m.Can't Talk To Anyone.
Thursday, Jan. 01, [email protected]:05 p.m.Pain In My Chest
Friday, Dec. 26, [email protected]:23 a.m."You Know That I'm No Good" ~ Amy Winehouse (Unsent Letter #1)
December 20th, [email protected]:56pmSo there!
Saturday december 13th [email protected]:40pmDid not happen.
Wednesday, Dec. 10, [email protected]:00 p.m.I'll Never Find True Love
Sunday, Dec. 07, [email protected]:17 a.m.If It Ever Happened Again....
Saturday, Dec. 06, [email protected]:31 p.m.So Many Regrets in This Lifetime.
12*05*08@He made me ill on sight.
Saturday, Nov. 29, [email protected]:18 a.m.What To Do W/My Crotch?
Sunday, Oct. 12, [email protected]:49 p.m.Imagine There's No Romance.
@All in perspective.
Sept.3/[email protected]'ishI saw this coming from three years ago!
Sept.1/08 [email protected]:15pmDefeatist-->undefeatable.
August 29th, 2008 [email protected]:59amNeeds not met, pornography not working.
Monday, Aug. 25, [email protected]:22 p.m.I Love Me Ma & Pa!
August 21st [email protected]:20pmTexting from the bus.
Thursday, Jul. 10, [email protected]:14 a.m.Emotional Vomit
Friday, Jun. 20, [email protected]:32 p.m.Ah, Leave Me Alone!
Monday, Mar. 03, [email protected]:54 p.m.This Explained Some Things
Saturday, Feb. 16, [email protected]:53 a.m.Nothing's Changed
Sunday, Feb. 10, [email protected]:29 p.m.Ignore the PMS!
Sunday, Feb. 10, [email protected]:10 p.m.I Hate My Brother
Monday, Jan. 21, [email protected]:30 p.m.Who's Sexuality Is It Anyway?
Thursday, Jan. 17, [email protected]:03 p.m.Thought
Thursday, Sept. 13, [email protected]:35 p.m.Splinters
Tuesday, Sept. 11, [email protected]:14 p.m.Shit on a Cup Cake
Sunday, Jul. 01, [email protected]:53 a.m."I'd Rather Grow Old Alone Then To Ever Have Another Lover" ~ Janet Jackson
Saturday, May. 19, [email protected]:28 p.m.Actually, I'm Still In The Closet with One Toe Out.
Thursday, May. 10, [email protected]:26 p.m.I've Created My Own Personal Hell
Tuesday, May. 01, [email protected]:47 a.m.Why I'll Never Be 100% Heterosexual
Monday, Apr. 09, [email protected]:06 p.m.If I Were Hugh Hefner....
Thursday, Aug. 24, [email protected]:37 p.m.Hater's Anonymous
Monday, Aug. 14, [email protected]:34 a.m.It Won't Complete Me, Jerry McGuirre.
Monday, Jul. 17, [email protected]:16 a.m."All By Myself" ~ Eric Carmen
Friday, Jul. 07, [email protected]:58 a.m.Too Easy for Him
Saturday, Jul. 01, [email protected]:01 p.m.Ignorance Ain't Bliss,It's Powerlessness.
Monday, Jun. 12, [email protected]:20 p.m.The Heart On My Sleeve Is Falling Off.
Wednesday, Jun. 07, [email protected]:15 p.m.June Rocks!
Sunday, Jun. 04, [email protected]:54 p.m.Unsent Letter
Sunday, Jun. 04, [email protected]:48 p.m."I Like All The Centres In The Box" ~ Better Than Chocolate
Wednesday, May. 17, [email protected]:08 a.m.Saved? WTF!
Monday, May. 08, [email protected]:58 a.m.Waxing On The Weekend
Thursday, May. 04, [email protected]:50 p.m.Riding Home on The Bus
Thursday, May. 04, [email protected]:43 a.m.Breaking The Waves.
Sunday, Apr. 30, [email protected]:52 p.m.Romantically Disappointed/Disillusioned
Thursday, Apr. 27, [email protected]:40 p.m.Everybody's Bitchin'!
Sunday, Apr. 23, [email protected]:21 p.m.I Don't Know Nothing!
Sunday, Apr. 16, [email protected]:34 p.m.They's All Bad Fo Me!
Saturday, Apr. 08, [email protected]:03 a.m.The Plaque
Friday, Apr. 07, [email protected]:47 a.m.Spring Is Looking Better
Monday, Apr. 03, [email protected]:58 a.m.Three Months Are Up! Where Is He?
Wednesday, Mar. 29, [email protected]:25 a.m.Queen Shit On Turd Island
Sunday, Mar. 26, [email protected]:39 p.m.Pain In My Heart.
Friday, Mar. 24, [email protected]:52 p.m.Unclenching Myself
Monday, Mar. 13, [email protected]:17 p.m.Goodbye Self-Esteem, Hello Booger-Pile.
Tuesday, Feb. 28, [email protected]:51 p.m.Not Quite Lost It, Yet
Monday, Feb. 27, [email protected]:10 p.m.Ain't Gettin' None
Wednesday, Feb. 15, [email protected]:07 p.m.Me & My Cellphone
Monday, Feb. 13, [email protected]:48 p.m.I Take Thee Cellphone...
Wednesday, Feb. 01, [email protected]:17 p.m.Chatting Over Lunch w/A Friend
Saturday, Jan. 21, [email protected]:46 p.m.They're In My Head
Thursday, Jan. 19, [email protected]:11 p.m.In Living Color
Thursday, Jan. 19, [email protected]:41 a.m.I'm Keepin' It Real, Yo!
Monday, Jan. 16, [email protected]:51 a.m.Fuckin' Fridy The Thirteenth!
Wednesday, Jan. 11, [email protected]:46 p.m.Should I Call Her?
Tuesday, Jan. 03, [email protected]:51 p.m.Mo'Sex, Mo'Problems
Saturday, Dec. 31, [email protected]:29 p.m.Call Me Spinster!
Friday, Dec. 23, [email protected]:14 p.m.One of My Long-Ass Entries.
Sunday, Dec. 18, [email protected]:32 p.m.Looking @ Things Under A Microscope.
Tuesday, Dec. 13, [email protected]:21 p.m.Full of Regret and Stupidity.
Friday, Dec. 09, [email protected]:22 p.m.Celibacy, You're Back!
Tuesday, Dec. 06, [email protected]:55 p.m.Insightful Moment @ The Bar
Sunday, Dec. 04, [email protected]:19 p.m.The Boring Family Out on a Sunday.
Sunday, Nov. 27, [email protected]:48 p.m.Feeling Miserable.
Friday, Nov. 18, [email protected]:37 p.m.Starving Myself.
Thursday, Nov. 17, [email protected]:55 a.m.More Penetration!
Sunday, Nov. 13, [email protected]:20 p.m.Love Is A Hot Potato
Friday, Nov. 11, [email protected]:50 p.m.By George!
Monday, Nov. 07, [email protected]:03 a.m."No Exit" ~ Jean Paul Sartre
Sunday, Oct. 30, [email protected]:56 p.m.Hot Tub, Bloody Hot Tub.
Thursday, Oct. 27, [email protected]:50 a.m.I Can't Look In The Mirror At Myself
Sunday, Oct. 23, [email protected]:38 a.m.He's Making Me Ill All Over
Friday, Oct. 21, [email protected]:39 a.m."Crazy" ~ Seal
Thursday, Oct. 20, [email protected]:55 a.m.Is It So Stupid Though?
Tuesday, Oct. 18, [email protected]:49 a.m.About Last Night....
Thursday, Oct. 13, [email protected]:00 a.m.The Fog Has Lifted!
Saturday, Oct. 01, [email protected]:19 a.m.Get There & Be Good
Thursday, Sept. 29, [email protected]:50 a.m."Who's That Knocking On My Door?" ~ Rod Stewart
Tuesday, Sept. 27, [email protected]:35 p.m.Big Elephant in the Room
Saturday, Sept. 24, [email protected]:01 a.m.Fuckin' Mother-Fuckers!
Thursday, Sept. 22, [email protected]:19 a.m.Frustration Building.
Wednesday, Sept. 21, [email protected]:38 a.m.Actors Fretting & a List of Other Shit.
Sunday, Sept. 18, [email protected]:09 a.m.Shooting My Wad Onto This Page.
Wednesday, Sept. 14, [email protected]:54 p.m.It's The Middle of the Month.
Saturday, Sept. 10, [email protected]:43 p.m.There's a Storm In My Brain and It's a Brewin'!
Thursday, Sept. 08, [email protected]:27 p.m.From Blackout to Dinner
Sunday, Sept. 04, [email protected]:58 p.m.Totally Dismantled
Friday, Sept. 02, [email protected]:47 p.m."Leper in Love" ~ by Michael Traynor
Friday, Sept. 02, [email protected]:30 a.m.My Little Souvenir
Monday, Aug. 29, [email protected]:02 p.m.That Rat Bastard!
Saturday, Aug. 27, [email protected]:10 a.m."Magic Bus" ~ The Who
Tuesday, Aug. 23, [email protected]:01 a.m.Fear Is Holding Me Back
Thursday, Aug. 18, [email protected]:52 p.m.My Flesh Hurts
Monday, Aug. 15, [email protected]:41 p.m.Like a Birgin, Hey!
Sunday, Aug. 14, [email protected]:59 p.m.Celibacy, You're My True Companion
Wednesday, Aug. 10, [email protected]:49 p.m.This Ain't Crank Yankers!
Tuesday, Aug. 09, [email protected]:47 p.m.Must Kick This Habit!
Saturday, Aug. 06, [email protected]:28 p.m."...it flows from the fountain of purpose to injure." ~ Randall Kennedy
Thursday, Aug. 04, [email protected]:37 a.m.Dad Got The Phone Numbers Mixed Up!
Tuesday, Aug. 02, [email protected]:50 p.m.Lacking Joy & Rambunctiousness
Monday, Aug. 01, [email protected]:40 a.m.Better Elsewhere
Friday, Jul. 29, [email protected]:49 a.m.The Case of the Disgruntled Employee.
Tuesday, Jul. 26, [email protected]:12 a.m.What The Hell Is His Problem? Eh?
Sunday, Jul. 24, [email protected]:31 a.m.Day 5 of The Fringe
Wednesday, Jul. 20, [email protected]:05 p.m.Thoughts The Day Before
Tuesday, Jul. 19, [email protected]:17 p.m.No Resolve
Sunday, Jul. 17, [email protected]:32 p.m.My Gut Is Churning With Emotions
Monday, Jul. 11, [email protected]:26 p.m.BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
Friday, Jul. 08, [email protected]:05 p.m.Stupid Fucking Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Friday, Jul. 08, [email protected]:07 a.m.Can't Get Off This Sinking Ship.
Thursday, Jul. 07, [email protected]:26 a.m.Wedged With Theatre
Wednesday, Jul. 06, [email protected]:28 p.m.Lori Petty & My Sore Ass.
Monday, Jul. 04, [email protected]:40 p.m.Hi, I'm An Actress (Can I Take Your Order?)
Sunday, Jul. 03, [email protected]:16 p.m."There's No Place Like Home" ~ Dorothy
Saturday, Jul. 02, [email protected]:51 a.m.Why Gay Marriage Is Wrong.
Wednesday, Jun. 29, [email protected]:46 p.m.My Dad's Not My Hero.
Monday, Jun. 27, [email protected]:08 p.m.Filling In The Blanks
Saturday, Jun. 25, [email protected]:26 p.m.My Day Ain't Over Yet
Thursday, Jun. 23, [email protected]:13 p.m.Under The Merciless Sun
Wednesday, Jun. 22, [email protected]:00 p.m.This Is Me Grumbling
Sunday, Jun. 19, [email protected]:53 p.m.Big Fat Pain, Sitting On My Brain
Sunday, Jun. 19, [email protected]:52 p.m.Happy Father's Day!
Sunday, Jun. 19, [email protected]:32 a.m.Checkin' Out My Skills/Boobs.
Tuesday, Jun. 14, [email protected]:17 a.m.Nose-Picking Passenger.
Thursday, Jun. 09, [email protected]:49 a.m.Take Two!
Monday, Jun. 06, [email protected]:27 p.m.Friday & Monday
Tuesday, May. 31, [email protected]:37 p.m.Black Woman Kvetching.
Saturday, May. 28, [email protected]:15 p.m.Pouring My Thoughts Through The Keyboard.
Tuesday, May. 24, [email protected]:45 p.m."Spring Is Here" ~ Nina Simone
Saturday, May. 14, [email protected]:34 p.m.Time Wasted.
Tuesday, May. 10, [email protected]:55 p.m.Mmmm........Squid and Actors!
Sunday, May. 08, [email protected]:14 p.m.A Mother's Daying We Will Go!
Friday, May. 06, [email protected]:23 p.m."I Wanna Know What Love Is" ~ Foreigner
Saturday, Apr. 30, [email protected]:25 a.m.I'm My Own Type of Whatever
Friday, Apr. 29, [email protected]:22 a.m.Near the End of April
Wednesday, Apr. 27, [email protected]:58 p.m.Must Remember Not to Forget
Friday, Apr. 22, [email protected]:22 a.m.I Wish This Day Were A Do-Over
Monday, Apr. 18, [email protected]:33 a.m.Coffee & Science Fiction
Friday, Apr. 15, [email protected]:59 p.m.Someone Caused Me to Ponder Death.
Wednesday, Apr. 13, [email protected]:29 p.m.I Can't Even Depend On The Internet For An Escape Anymore!
Monday, Apr. 11, [email protected]:14 p.m."These Dreams" ~ Heart
Sunday, Apr. 10, [email protected]:43 p.m.Same Shit, Different Day.
Saturday, Apr. 09, [email protected]:35 p.m.What A Shitty Motherfuckin' Month! [So Far]
Saturday, Apr. 02, [email protected]:41 p.m.Couldn't Sleep In.
Thursday, Mar. 31, [email protected]:25 a.m.The Short & The Long of It.
Friday, Mar. 25, [email protected]:15 p.m.A Lot of Catching Up To Do.
Monday, Mar. 14, [email protected]:41 p.m.Mourning 36
Sunday, Mar. 06, [email protected]:06 p.m.The More I Learn, The Less I Know.
Tuesday, Mar. 01, [email protected]:18 p.m."She's Come Undone" ~ The Guess Who
Thursday, Feb. 24, [email protected]:50 p.m.I've Only Paid The One Time
Saturday, Feb. 19, [email protected]:02 p.m.What Is My Battle Cry?
Friday, Feb. 18, [email protected]:31 a.m."Born Under A Bad Sign" ~ B.B.King
Tuesday, Feb. 15, [email protected]:38 p.m.Things That Make Me Go......Hmmmm!
Saturday, Feb. 12, [email protected]:33 p.m."I Love Mankind; It's People I Hate" ~ CSI
Sunday, Feb. 06, [email protected]:13 a.m.Eye-Candy Is All I've Got, Really.
Thursday, Feb. 03, [email protected]:00 a.m.Hanging With A Good Friend.
Monday, Jan. 31, [email protected]:14 a.m.The Movie That Followed Me Home
Saturday, Jan. 29, [email protected]:10 p.m.Dead Again Lesbian
Thursday, Jan. 27, [email protected]:45 a.m.The Night Cured The Day.
Monday, Jan. 24, [email protected]:54 a.m.Living The Triangular Life
Monday, Jan. 17, [email protected]:20 a.m.Three Whole Freakin' Days Off!
Friday, Jan. 14, [email protected]:30 a.m."Winter Wonderland" ~ Johnny Mathis
Thursday, Jan. 06, [email protected]:30 p.m.Projects Flying At Me, Unlike Lovers
Sunday, Jan. 02, [email protected]:33 p.m.The Secret Life of Chuffnutt.


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